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Orli Recs

Just thought I would get the ball rolling with a few of my favorite Orlando Bloom Fics. They're all great reads!

- An Elf's Rose by Celebrethil (R) *COMPLETE*
Summary: Orlando is an Akido master. When he falls from a friends apartment and is injured, true love is tested.

- A Pirate's Wife by Emer (NC-17) *ONE-SHOT*
Summary: Orlando takes a day off…

- Beautiful Stranger by Emer (NC-17) *ONE-SHOT*
Summary: What happens when your boyfriend stands you up and a gorgeous stranger asks for the free seat at your table instead?

- Dolphin's Cry by Aelora (NC-17) *COMPLETE*
Summary: Orlando Bloom has to deal with fame and falls in love with someone unexpected.

- Masquerade by Devaeriel & Luinil (NC-17) *COMPLETE*
Summary: Lourdes Traveres had a problem. Everytime she was near Orlando Bloom she turned into a tongue tied mess. To combat the embarassment she fled from his presence. Concerned about her reaction he allows his fellow cast members to talk him into befriending her. Only one problem. He is deeply in love with her, yet he hides from the idea. Can the two lay aside their masques to find their love?

- Serendipity by Una (NC-17) *COMPLETE*
Summary: A hot-shot actor meets an unsuspecting young woman on a plane, not knowing he is connected to her in more than one way. After they spent the night together, they both think it was a one time thing ... but they do not count on four very inquisitive hobbits and one old queer wizard.

- Suicide of the Heart by Emer (NC-17) *COMPLETE*
Summary: A Billy fic as much as one about Orlando. Only ONE of them can have the woman in the end... and even SHE doesn't know who it's going to be.
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